Raw Materials

(wax, resins, carbon black, pigments, PET film, etc.)
• Acceptance inspection
• Quality control and other items
• The materials we use conform to the Food Sanitation Act and are not involved in the generation of dioxine.

Preparation Of Ink

(solvent ink, hot melt ink, etc.)
• Ink viscosity inspection
• Ink melting point inspection
• Ink particle-size distribution inspection and other inspection


(thermal transfer ribbons of various types)
• Coating weight inspection
• Ribbon transmittance inspection
• Print density inspection
• Print clarity inspection
• Printing mobility inspection and other inspections


(processing of ribbons to different specifications)
• Ribbon width, length, and outside diameter inspection
• Print inspection (shipping inspection)
• Storage test


processing of ribbon packages to different specifications)
• Visual inspection of finished products


processing of ribbon packages to different specifications)
• Confirmation of packaging for shipment